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We're passionate about improving innovation.
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The Re-Wired Group, our small, scrappy end-to-end innovation consulting group was founded by Bob Moesta, one of the principal architects of the Jobs to be Done theory, along with Greg Engle and Chris Spiek in 2009. We believe that consumers are always looking to make progress, to do things better, faster, cheaper. Companies and innovators are too.


Our approach innovation treats it a trade, skills you get through doing rather than a fixed process or set of theories. Working side-by-side, together with clients, we share knowledge and teach innovation skills as we help organizations make progress towards their goals. Deep discussion and debate are fostered uncovering clarity on the other side of complexity.


Intense curiosity is the driving force within our office. Any given day them can find us delving in to understand the anxiety of change; exploring the context around a consumer’s struggling moment or engrossed in an intense debate on where to find the best pizza in Detroit.

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Bob Moesta

CEO Founder

Greg Engle

Founding Partner

Matt Sheppard


Katherine Thompson


Lauren Lackey


“Working with The Re-Wired Group transformed the way we look at our business. We now understand why our customers hire us and what they are looking to accomplish.”

JulieR&D Director, CPG company