Green Line Development

Make innovation more successful and repeatable


Why do you need Green Line Development?

If we asked you to draw a picture of your new product development process timeline, what would it look like? Our best guess is that it would look something like the timeline to the left.

  • What issues does this timeline present?
  • Would you have a clear understanding of the consumer insight?
  • Would you understand how this project is going to help your division grow its business?
  • Would you be able to design products that could withstand “noise”?
  • Would you be able to launch on time?


These are questions that are almost impossible to answer if your timeline looks at all like the timeline to the left which we see so often. That is why we created Green Line Development, to help perfect the product development process making innovation more successful and repeatable.


What Is Green Line Development?

Green Line Development is a philosophy that requires you to think proactively and systematically about the product development process. It is rooted in principles and tools that are anticipatory in nature. It is driven by the recognition that:

  • 80% of a product-line’s life-cycle costs are fixed by the decisions made within the first 10% of the program’s development time.
  • The costs of reacting (e.g., redesigning products, changing suppliers, etc.) escalate in an exponential way as the work advances into later phases of development.

Benefits of Green Line Development

Using the principles of Green Line Development means:

  • Front-loading resources and work streams to correspond with the critical, early phases when costs and value propositions are being determined.
  • Translating the consumer insights into technical terms and ultimately into consumer based product and process specifications.
  • Exploring low cost alternatives early and often, and only adding features and benefits that add value.
  • Understanding the trade-offs needed to make the product successful. “Fail early and often” to understand boundaries of your product system.

Green Line Development Tools

Strategic Clarity

Create shared understanding of the overall strategy for your division portfolio and how this product fits into it

Clear Translation of Consumer Insight

Understand the consumer’s struggling moments and the forces at play that influence their progress

“Insensitive” Technical Design

Understand the products systems, the function of the system, how the system delivers on the effects desired by the consumer

Forces of Progress

Understand the context around how consumers make choices – forces that move them towards that progress and forces that hold them back from making that progress

Systems Thinking

Understand interdependencies by viewing your product as a system in and of itself and as a part of other systems

Robust Design of Experiments

Increase speed-to-market and reduce costs by producing better prototypes that enable us to learn faster, better and cheaper

Jobs To Be Done

Understand why consumers make choices – what they struggling with and what progress they would like to make


Gain a common language between consumers, marketers, and sales people to define the direction of product development on a technical level