From blank sheet to $25 million in revenue by zeroing in on the customers they truly wanted to serve.

How InVideo became one of the most used AI software products in the world, by focusing on where true demand for their offering was.

About InVideo

With InVideo, you can turn any idea into an attention-grabbing video instantly. 

The company is the fastest growing SaaS company in India, and today, operates in 97% of the world’s countries.

According to A16Z, they are the 33rd most used AI software in the world.

The challenge

“We had so many different types of users, all with different requirements, we had no common vocabulary to get to the source of our plateaued growth. 

What started out, we believed, to be a positioning problem turned out to be a disconnect with what our customers needed” – Sanket Shah, CEO, InVideo 

InVideo had a challenge ahead of them. Back in 2022 the company had plateaued, and was growing at 20% YoY. Despite attracting a healthy amount of sign-ups every day, it wasn’t translating into the results they knew they could achieve. 

Sanket Shah is InVideo’s CEO. He tells us that back then they had so many different users, some asking for advanced features and others, requesting more basic features.

Initially, he and his co-founder believed they had a positioning problem.

We were building and building, but it got to the point where we didn’t know what we stood for”, Sanket tells us. “Were we using complicated video creation software or easy video creation software? Should we make it more complex or easier? Everyone came to us for simplicity, but when we’d talk to our users, we ended up building a ton of features but it left us thinking where do we stand, what’s our core value?

After realizing it wasn’t a positioning challenge, rather something that required much deeper analysis, the team approached The Re-Wired Group to help them to identify their customers’ Jobs to be Done which would help them to determine areas such as selecting the right kind of UX that would appeal to a large segment of their users. 

Project information

Industry: SaaS, Video
Company Size: 200 employees
Use Case: Understanding Consumer Behavior

It became so complex in everyone’s heads, we got tangled. Everyone on the team had a different view. It became obvious that we didn’t have a common vocabulary or understanding of what our users needed or what we needed to focus on.

Sanket Shah, InVideo

Our approach.

InVideo had a healthy number of sign-ups coming in, but on reflection, didn’t know what was working and why. They needed clarity; clarity that would help them create the best possible solution for their users by better aligning their product to desired outcomes.

Over the course of just 10 weeks, InVideo and Re-Wired embarked on a JTBD project with the aim of helping Sanket to see demand and help the team to unlock a new level of growth. 

We had all these types of users and we were hearing different things… but we couldn’t really get a compressed view of what it really meant in a way that was actionable.

The aha moment.

The analysis from the interviews – a key part of extracting a customers’ desired outcome and the progress they want to make – revealed a number of clusters and patterns. These helped Sanket get the clarity he needed to deliver more demand-side approaches.

Three core Jobs were identified but there was an interesting insight that no-one saw coming. 

The third Job that was causing tension in the product and, potentially, was the source of this stall in growth. 

“The biggest aha moment for me was digging into our advanced users and understanding truly why they were coming to us. They were asking for all these advanced features, we were building them, yet they were still leaving. The aha moment was unlocking that these users were actually coming to us for simplicity” Sanket tells us. 

The recommendation from Bob and the team was to focus on the two main Jobs, and to do so really well. This meant de-prioritizing the third customer Job in order to help steer the growth that was needed. 

Does dropping a Job mean you’re leaving “money on the table”? 

The big unlock for Sanket was to go all in on two of the three jobs, and deprioritize the third.

If you can see the Jobs, you can see the demand, and you can see the tradeoffs that are required. 

“We were super stuck. We’d plateaued for so long. For 16 months we were growing at a rate of 20%”. Sometimes in life, your back is against the wall. Your constraints are really clear and so it makes it easier to make a decision.

“After looking at the stats, we realized that if we were to drop this third Job, we may lose up to 15-20% of the business. But when you’re building deeper features you are scaring a lot of users. By dropping the advanced features and focusing on where demand really was, we saw that a portion of these users from Job 3 were more than happy to move over and a portion stopped using us. 

“By doing so we only strengthened things, we didn’t lose anything, in fact we grew”.

By dropping the advanced features and focusing on where demand really was, we saw that a portion of these users from Job 3 were more than happy to move over and a portion stopped using us.

Sanket, InVideo

The results

$0 to $25 million in revenue in 6 months

Active customers in over 190 countries

20 million users on the platform creating

The impact.

Whoever the user is, whatever they are doing, 80% of those users should be able to create a better quality video than what they were already creating. Everything we build, design, market, communicate has to be around this focus of helping people to create in just 2 minutes versus 1 hour.

InVideo doesn’t sell video creation, they sell simplicity.

The team launched their revised offering in August 2022. They accelerated the funnel by relating everything back to a user being able to create a better video than they had done before in just 2 minutes. 

If you keep referring back to how this relates to the Job and the North Star, you’ll see results.

From a product development perspective, the entire product strategy changed towards building for the demand-side. “We build for simplicity. We don’t build video creation software, we sell simplicity”, Sanket tells us. 

From a marketing perspective, users were bucketed into two clear jobs, all driven from the one source of truth: the document of findings from Re-Wired that they use to create everything from landing pages, ads and creative, to blogs. 

Before we were just going with the flow, growth was stalling. But now we are alive and growing fast. Today we are the fastest growing SaaS company in India. And in the last six months, we’ve added $25 million in revenue.

Bob and the team taught us how to understand our own customers. They taught us that for life.

Sanket Shah, CEO. 

Next steps.

Stop building products for the sake of it. Learn how to focus on the progress your profitable customers want to make.