Flip the Lens: 10-Week Coaching Program

The 10 week growth coaching program that helps teams to transform hunches into the confidence to execute. Applications now open.

Transform hunches and guesses into the confidence to execute. 

There’s a reason why you’re so focused on features. Why that latest launch didn’t go as well as you’d hoped. Or because you’ve re-done your strategy a million times. It’s because you’ve been looking at your customers the wrong way. 

Deep down, you know there’s a better way to do things. A better way that provides a zoomed out approach, that gets you closer to the customer.

We’re going to show you how.

We’ve opened our latest coaching program, Flip the Lens, and are now accepting applications from teams looking for an intensive sprint to clearer results.

Flip the Lens: Coaching for those who need alignment to build better products

Introducing Flip the Lens: the 10-Week Coaching Program is for growing organizations that want a clearer path to growth. It’s an intensive program, designed for those who want to iterate fast, not fail fast.

We’re opening our books to just ten organizations who want a better, predictable path to growth. Perhaps you’ve over-engineered your customers’ progress. Maybe no-one in your business is on the same page, yet you talk to everyone the same way.

This coaching program is designed for those who want to be challenged, are comfortable feeling uncomfortable, and need alignment to stop lacklustre products being built.

My experience with the Jobs To Be Done framework, guided by The ReWired Group, was enlightening and transformative for our organization. I discovered the power of selective questioning and gained valuable insights into our community’s motivations and needs, many of which weren’t initially obvious.

The JTBD process offered us actionable data that significantly influenced our branding, website content, and community offerings.

Doug Finkelstein, Empathetic Health

What you get

This growth coaching program is grounded in the principles of Jobs to Be Done and Demand-Side Sales.

We’ll guide small teams through the process of understanding demand through in-depth customer interviews, analysis tools and hands-on practice.

You’ll experience the process of framing a research question, recruiting and conducting customer interviews, surfacing patterns and thinking through implications for your own product or service.

This 10-week program will give you:

  • Participation for up to 5 people.
  • A set of demand clusters framing the social, emotional and functional outcomes your customers are looking to achieve.
  • Lifetime access to a set of resources (video, audio and written) to refer back to during future research.
  • Hands-on experience of setting up and conducting JTBD-style interviews.
  • Frameworks through which to interview, recognize patterns and begin ideation.

The application process

To be considered for this coaching program, you’ll need to apply and, following completion, one of the team will get in contact to let you know if you’ve progressed to the next round.

The next round consists of an interview with one of The Re-Wired Group coaches, including Greg Engle, Katherine Thompson, and Matt Sheppard.

Who is it for?

You’ll likely be a fit if you’ve recently heard yourself say:

We launched and sales weren’t as good as I’d had hoped. I don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

I’m worried I’m not going to hit my metrics. I want to iterate fast, not fail fast.

I’m ready to learn, I want to be challenged. Jobs is not just functional.

You’ll also likely fit the below:

– You’re a startup or scale-up with a desire to understand customer demand
– You have a team of up to four members representing different functions across the business
– And you have the responsibility and authority to make strategic decisions about the business.

Previous members who’ve gone on to experience growth also come from backgrounds including B2B SaaS, CPG, marketplaces, pharma, education, and retail.

How it works

Big design companies come in and show you their overpriced slidedeck that’s heavy on the theory and light on the application. 

This program requires a commitment of time and resources. It’s intentionally hard work, that’s where results come from.

To participate (and see results), you must be prepared to:

  • Commit 10 weeks to the program
  • Spend up to 10 hours per week on assignments and asynchronous learning
  • Set aside 90 minutes per week for a live coaching session.

Program outline

Here’s an overview of what this Flip the Lens includes:

Week 1: Changing your paradigm. From Supply side to the Demand side.
Week 2: Framing the question and beginning to recruit.
Week 3: Selecting interviewees.
Week 4: Preparing for interview customers.
Week 5: Conducting interviews.
Week 6: Continue conducting interviews.
Week 7: Making sense of interview data.
Week 8: Applying clusters to product, marketing, sales and strategy.
Week 9: Reframing next steps.
Week 10: Final coaching session.


Q. Do we need a pool of existing customers to benefit from this course?

A. It’s not a problem that you don’t have many customers; we’ll just need to think about the competitive set and what other solutions people in the space may be using.

Q. How much does this program cost?

A. It is $50,000. This includes coaching for up to five people, a comprehensive 10-week program, access to coaching hours and asynchronous learning materials, and the tools to uncover demand.

Q. How do I get my sales team on board?

A. We understand that adapting your sales process is a big priority as you consider this work. By going through the coaching process, the team will learn the language, premise and basic frameworks essential to orienting your sales toward demand.

“I can’t think of one area of our business Jobs-to-be-Done hasn’t improved. Product, marketing, sales and support have all benefited heavily from what we’ve learned by focusing on it”

Des Traynor, Co-Founder, Intercom