Design products your customers instantly connect with.

JTBD workshops to help get to the root of your customer’s motivations and re-engineer your product, marketing and sales processes.


Traditional research methodologies listen to the customers’ what but not their why.

So, why do you keep using them?

It’s time to learn how to be a better consumer.

Flip the lens on how you see your customers with training and workshops designed to help you:

  • Learn who your best-fit customers are
  • Give you the right words to communicate how you help them
  • Develop your sales strategy to resonate with your customer
  • Learn concrete skills and frameworks to prototype and build new products

…helping you finally break out of the messy middle and build better products and experiences.

Workshops and training delivered by the original thinkers of the JTBD framework.

Our JTBD workshops help senior product, growth and marketing teams to quickly
identify where to double down and what to do next to get your desired results.

We deliver training on the following topics: 

What you’ll take back to your organization:

The language, framework and basics of the Jobs to be Done theory.

Concepts your teams can easily align themselves with and get results.

Replicable processes you can apply to new problems and innovation projects.

We meet you where
you’re at.

A range of flexible options based on the type of learning you want to get involved in.


In-person workshops, delivered to help attendees uncover why their customers switched from one product to another. They’re insightful and a lot of fun.

Corporate Workshops

Tailored to your organization’s individual projects, our corporate workshops are delivered on-site for your senior leadership team to all attend.

Conference Workshops

Book us to run immersive workshops at your next product, marketing or growth conference. Topics include Jobs to be Done interviews and demand-side sales.

Online JTBD training

Learn at your own pace with our suite of online courses. Flip the lens on how you see your consumers, take our Demand Side Sales Training.

“Once you learn more about JTBD and how to interview customers, you can’t un-see it. If you’re serious about results in your business, I’d recommend attending a training workshop!”

Faster growth starts today.

Unlock new insights that’ll impact your product, marketing, growth and sales with JTBD training from The Re-Wired Group:

  • Workshops and training programs, designed to transform your mindset and approach, develop your ideas, and prepare them to launch. 
  • Access to training on the actual frameworks used to launch over 3000 products in industries including software, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, and electronics. 
  • Delivered both via online asynchronous programs as well as on-site.

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