Consistent growth starts with understanding your customers.

Understand why your customers do what they do to develop the best possible products and experiences.

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The Re-Wired Group has been a strategic partner for us over the last several years; your unique approach and highly dynamic team have allowed us to make insights truly actionable

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Why choose the Re-Wired Group for product development consulting.

Tired of rollercoaster results and failed product launches?

Missing critical customer knowledge that’s keeping you from achieving your goals? 

Is your track record of overengineering why you’re making the same mistakes?

Identify and close the gaps between your customers and products so you can design products that resonate with them. 

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Get to the ‘why’ behind the results.

Gain precise, actionable data to help you see your customers in a new light and understand them better than you ever have.

Gain new outside skills and perspective.

Learn and adopt a new way of thinking that will transform your approach to growth and help you build new product development processes.

Identify and pursue the most promising opportunities.

Connect the dots between your products and customers—and your customers and their goals—so you can make the best choices for your organization. 

Set your company up for consistent product innovation success. 

Build a repeatable and sustainable product development process so you won’t continue to make the same mistakes.

How our product development process can help.


Immersive Consulting

Work closely with us to define your customer jobs, diagnose customer blind spots, and create an actionable growth plan.


Jobs-To-Be-Done Research

Pull back the curtain on your customers’ by gaining in-depth knowledge and data about their goals and behavior.


Mentorship and Coaching

Gain the confidence and support to optimize your products and experiences to meet consumer needs.

Get the support you need to supercharge your product design strategy.

I was very wary of other products or features that just had feature sprawl. After working with The Re-Wired Group and completing this research, we built all of our sales, marketing, product features, and services around one particular Job and 4-5X’d our average contract value for a client in that category over three years.

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Uncover the hidden value of your customers and get results like…

500% growth in 18 months and 3x revenue for intercom. 1000% revenue growth and 100000 student enrolments for SNHU. 2x faster lead-to-customer conversion time and 2x more leads for autobooks.

Meet our team of product development consultants.

Our product development consultants are driven by intense curiosity. On any given day, you can find our team members delving in to understand the anxiety of change, exploring the context around a consumer’s struggling moment, or engrossed in an intense debate on where to find the best pizza in Detroit.

Bob Moesta
Bob Moesta

CEO / Founder

Greg Engle
Greg Engle

Founding Partner

Katherine Thompson
Katherine Thompson


Matt Sheppard
Matt Sheppard


Gain a competitive product development edge.

Work with us to better understand customer needs, align your growth and product teams, and reshape your approach to new product development.