Projects that uncover not just the how but the why.

Better understand customer needs, align your growth and product teams, and reshape your approach with JTBD project consulting.

Our projects have helped to inspire teams and build over 3000 products, including…

Southern New Hampshire University

I realized that what customers were actually doing was very different to what they said they were doing, or what we thought they were doing. The Re-Wired Group opened my eyes.

Tired of lukewarm – or, even worse – failed product launches that really hurt?

When you try to diagnose the problem, did you realize you had no real understanding of your customers? And that you’re guilty of overloading your product, using features as a sticking plaster?

The Re-Wired Group partners with cross-functional teams to help look at growth problems in a completely new way. 

Our JTBD projects help product and growth teams to:

– know the deeper why behind your customers’ behavior.
– get the team on the same page working towards a common direction. 
– build and launch products backed by impactful go-to-market strategy.

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Why hire us for your next JTBD consultancy project

You won’t get any cut-and-paste strategy decks from us. We roll up our sleeves and work closely to diagnose your problem. Then, we help you plan out the next steps for your organization, product and customer.

  • Build a repeatable product development process so you won’t continue to make the same mistakes.
  • Gain confidence, deeper learnings and an approach your organization can rally around.
  • We’ll lead you through it, helping to connect the dots between your customers and product quickly.

How it works

Change the way you see the world and unearth findings that you may never have found on your own.

We work with cross-functional teams, delivered virtually or in-person, to deliver flexible projects that are tailored and customized to your individual circumstances.

Use our proven JTBD consultancy tools, frameworks and techniques.

Work closely with us to gather rich customer data and expand your team’s innovation capacity. Define your customers’ Jobs-To-Be Done, develop a shared language, and apply our work to your innovation practice.

Interviewing, ideation and unpacking insights to apply straight away.

Receive in-depth customer knowledge based on our Jobs-To-Be-Done methodology. You’ll learn exactly why your customers ‘hire’ your product so you can help them reach their goals faster and more efficiently. 

Reporting and recommendation packs for future actions.

Inspire and motivate your teams to think differently about your consumers and businesses. Not only will you have recommendations for your product, consumer experience, and marketing, but you’ll have language to all use.

Case studies

From gut reactions to actionable insights for Intercom.

The Re-Wired Group was brought in to understand why customers were really hiring Intercom.

The team conducted a series of JTBD interviews that would help understand: what did people want to do that spurred them to buy a product to help them achieve their goal? 

Intercom achieved 500% growth in 18 months by architecting its functions around the progress their customers wanted to make when hiring them

Identifying homeowners’ switching moments to increase sales

As a result of the Jobs To Be Done interviews and analysis, we were able to identify the primary “Jobs” for which the consumer was hiring the new house or condominium. 

This included the patterns of pushes, pulls, anxieties, and habits acting on them when making the decision to purchase, and recommendations to the language to use in the advertising & marketing campaigns that would truly speak to the customer. 

Insights gathered from this analysis helped to reposition marketing and advertising strategy which led to an increase in sales by over 20% within 12 months (in difficult housing market conditions).

“I can’t think of one area of our business Jobs-to-be-Done consultancy hasn’t improved. Product, marketing, sales and support have all benefited heavily from what we’ve learned by focusing on it”

Des Traynor, Co-Founder, Intercom. View the Case Study.

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We help companies understand their customers better and, in turn, make customers better consumers. Our JTBD project consulting helps you to gain a deeper understanding of consumers, their choices and how they make them.  

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Help me fix my prioritization puzzle. Iteration on the same feature over and over. Connect products better to customers. Not just the how but the why.