Learning to Build: Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Now, in Learning to Build, Bob helps you develop the five fundamental skills every successful innovator practices to be their best. He provides you with the resources you need to learn these skills, grow through experience, and adapt your mindset.

If you’re an innovator or entrepreneur, you challenge precedent and disrupt the status quo. You trust that the result is worth the struggle and embrace change because it could equal progress.

You have blind faith. You know that success isn’t reserved for the superstars, but you remain humble because failure is always a possibility.

This journey of entrepreneurship and innovation shouldn’t be a solo trip. If you’re missing something, struggling to begin, or have reached a plateau, Learn to Build – my latest book – is for you.

What’s Learning to Build about?

In Learning to Build I help you to develop the five fundamental skills every successful innovator practices to be their best. You’ll get the resources you need to learn these skills, grow through experience, and adapt your mindset.

This book is based on twenty years’ experience coaching entrepreneurs and having developed more than 3,500 new products.

I’ve been fortunate to experience success because of the insight my mentors, including Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Professor Clayton Christensen, Dr. Genichi Taguchi, and Dr. Willie Hobbs Moore.

Now, I’m paying it forward.

Join me to hear about my trials and tribulations; I’ll help shed light on the path that will lead you to your greatest breakthrough.

Buy the book or Kindle version of Learn to Build are available on Amazon.

You can also read an overview of the five skills of innovators and entrepreneurs in our latest playbook.

The 5 Bedrock Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Empathetic Perspective
People with this skill can detach from their own perspective and see the subtle differences between the many different perspectives surround their thing – internally and externally.

Uncovering Demand
People with this skill can detach from their product or service and look at the demand-side of the equation- seeing struggles, context and outcomes.

Causal Structures
People with this skill have a dominate view of how the world works based in cause and effect

Prototyping to Learn
People with this skill know that they do not have all answers and run tests to get empirical data to discover and build new theory instead of relying on existing theory and testing hypothesis.

Making Trade-Offs
People with this skill understand that they can not do everything and are skilled at making essential trade-offs to launch a product that is not perfect.

Reviews for Learning to Build

“I have always deeply enjoyed talking and listening to Bob Moesta. He makes you think about things differently, with a compelling logic. In Learning to Build, there is much that you will nod your head and agree with while smiling at how well it is described till you’re hit with a left hook that you never saw coming.

In a very productive way, he knocked me out of my conventional view of things and gave me insights on how to be more systematic in creating entrepreneurs and innovators. I love this kind of systematic approach to improving our ability to innovate, and I highly recommend this to ALL entrepreneurs to help them know good habits from bad. Go ahead and take the red pill-you won’t regret it.”

– Bill Aulet, Professor of Entrepreneurship at MIT Sloan School of Management, Managing Director of the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship, and author of Disciplined Entrepreneurship

”New product innovation is the only real growth engine for a business since all of its existing offerings and capabilities are built into the current value. But innovation is often a very risky business and doesn’t always turn out the way we expect it.

Innovation doesn’t have to be a crapshoot. There are tools to make innovation more predictable and successful. In this book, Bob combines science and practice into a playbook on how to do innovation right and build products that customers will find useful and are willing to pay for. All of the five skills in this book are learnable and, together, are one of the best frameworks that I have seen for creating magical products. In particular, Bob masterfully explains the Uncovering Demand skill, which is probably the most critical part of an innovator’s journey. I wish I had known about these when I was in my twenties.”

 Moe Tanabian, Vice President at Microsoft AI

”People believe innovation is some magic reserved for a select few companies and individuals. In reality, innovation is an ability that can be learned and mastered. Bob taught me many of the necessary skills over a decade ago, and through this book, he can teach you, too.”

– Jon Lax, Vice President of Design AR/VR at Facebook

“Bob is one of the industry’s masters. In Learning to Build, he distills years of experience into a practical guide toward building those skills essential to innovation. It’s a must-read for entrepreneurs, business owners, and all those seeking to innovate in their lives and work.”

 Max Wessel, Executive Vice President and Chief Learning Officer at SAP