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Learning Jobs To Be Done

While a lot of people tell us that they want to learn 'Jobs To Be Done,' this often leaves us with a tough question to answer—to what extent do they want to delve into the process? In today's episode of the Circuit Breaker Show, Bob and Greg delve into some of the challenges they see people facing when trying to learn 'Jobs To Be Done' and some of the arguments this has raised between them.

Learning to Build

Learning to Build: The Five Bedrock Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs In 1991 one of his mentors, Dr. Genichi Taguchi told him to write a book and 31 years later, he's finally written his first book. In today's episode of Re-Wired Show, we discuss Bob's upcoming book Learning To Build: The Five Bedrock Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

Unpacking Jobs To Be Done

In today's episode of the Re-Wired Show, we dive into the concept of 'Jobs to be Done,' a process for determining what the next steps are in developing new products that will help consumers solve their current problems and help them achieve more in the future.

From School Administrator to Principal

In today's episode we chat with Katherine Thompson, one of the Principals at The Re-Wired Group. You'll learn about Katherine's career background in education and how she came to join The Re-Wired Group. You'll learn what motivated her to enroll in business school while working a full-time job as a school administrator. You'll discover the key lessons Katherine has learned working at The Re-Wired Group for the past two years.

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