The Product Leader’s Guide to Building Better Products that Resonate

The Product Leader’s Guide to Understanding why your Customers Hire you and Your product . Why other solutions fail to truly show you why your customers use your product.

Free guide to download: The Product Leader’s Guide to Building Better Products that Resonate with Customers 

Tired of lukewarm product launches?

Think there’s a more purposeful way to design products that truly resonate with audiences? 

We’ve worked with hundreds of product and growth teams with a focus on meaningful innovation, helping them to build better products and services that truly resonate with their customers. 

Some come to us following a failed launch. Others will be tired of over-engineering products, of adding features disconnected to desired outcomes, and ‘jamming their customers into the product’.

It’s only when they look into the behavior of their consumers to identify why something didn’t land, their suspicions are confirmed. 

The data they’re presented with is meaningless. It lives in silos; there’s nothing to unify it and extract worthwhile insights. They don’t know what’s working – or not working – and why.

They realize that their current methods of getting to the true reason why a customer chooses their product over a competitor misses the bigger picture. 

They’re caught up in the messy middle.

It’s this situation that causes them to take action, to untangle the mess, to make sense of it all and to show the organization there must be a better way to approach product development. 

If this sounds familiar, you may have found yourself in a similar position, and have begun your search for different approaches to innovation. And, in this process, you’re likely to have come across the Jobs to Be Done methodology.

How to build better products with The Re-Wired Group

In this free guide, Bob Moesta and The Re-Wired Group offer product professionals a new insight into why their customers behave the way they do, and how to re-engineer your product around their motivations.

We dig into: 

  • How to untangle the prioritization puzzle
  • Limitations of competing solutions
  • How to changing the way you think about your product
  • An intro to applying Jobs to be Done
  • Applying JTBD to a Ride share Company
  • Examples of how companies capture value with JTBD, including Intercom. 

Is The Product Leader’s Guide to Building Better Products for your Customers for you?

Do any of the following sound familiar?

“We had a failing product and big revenue expectations. We had a very constrained view of how the product would work and a team that didn’t feel empowered to follow what they thought was needed by customers”.

“We had a good microscope but no zoomed out 10,000 foot view type research approach”.

If you’re a product professional looking to learn how to build better products, we think you’ll enjoy this guide.

We’ll show you why other solutions fail to truly show you why your customers use your product.

The Re-Wired Group, led by Bob Moesta, co-creator of the Jobs to be Done framework, shares his insights – along with co-author Greg Engle. Over the course of their work, they’ve launched over 3000 products in a range of industries.

Download your copy to get unique insight and to challenge your current ways of working.