We’ll help you see what you can’t.

Executive coaching and advisory support to challenge your conventional thinking and give you a much-needed strategy re-set.

Hire The Re-Wired Group as your executive coach or to join your advisory board.

Let us help change the way you see the world and unearth findings that you may never have found on your own.

Focused on accelerating growth but feel your knowledge around why people buy your products is lacking? 

Deep down, do you know your traditional methods are biased?

Too often conventional thinking gets in the way of you breaking through internal silos, demystifying customer behavior, and unlocking exponential growth.

Hire us as your thought partner for more complex, nebulous problems to yield new insights you may never have got to before.

More than customer insights.

Our executive coaching and JTBD advising services offers a multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex, strategic problems.

We advise board-level and C-suite professionals within a select number of organizations, and can provide our services in-person or online.


Develop and deliver products that resonate

Create the time and space to think clearly and in new ways

Wrestle with emergent, novel problems

We can be your sounding board and help you to re-frame and see your context in a new light. 

Need to get the team on the same page or just take a break from the day-to-day? 

We can tailor off-site meetings to help you really make progress.

You’ll benefit from off-site and dedicated meetings, providing time and space for thought and reflection, and tools including the full The Re-Wired Group toolkit. 

Principals available to hire for this engagement include our CEO, Bob Moesta.

Bob has developed & launched over 3,500 products and sold everything from design services, software, and houses to consumer electronics, and investment services.