Lauren Lackie

Lauren Lackey


Lauren Lackey has built her entire executive career on the notion of systems thinking for innovation.  A systems approach includes an understanding of the current consumer struggle, delivering a product or program with speed, cost, and quality in mind and then creating a long-term migration strategy of growth and strategic journey, always working to address the consumer job to be done.

Lauren comes to Rewired with more than 30 years of product development and project management experience and over two decades of organizational leadership in executive roles.  Lauren has developed over 500 products and has managed thousands of people through development methods, such as Green Line Thinking, Robust Design Methods and Migration Path integration and implementation.  Lauren has implemented products and processes across a multitude of project types including new products, cost savings, new business development and quality.

Lauren has held leadership positions for companies such as Kraft Foods, Wm Wrigley Jr Company, Mars Inc and SC Johnson, developing innovation strategies and products across multiple categories, and has been the recipient of Kraft Foods Innovator of the Year and Best Product of the Year.   Lauren holds degrees from Michigan State University and Nazareth College. 

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