Learning to Build Workshop

Join Bob Moesta in this 5 week online workshop where you’ll practise the five bedrock skills successful innovators use to build things that work.

Join Bob Moesta in this online workshop where you’ll practice the five bedrock skills successful innovators use to build things that work.

This workshop is for innovators and entrepreneurs who are ready to make better progress in their work and life.

Perhaps you’re missing something or have reached a plateau in your work.

If this sounds familiar, the Learning to Build workshop can help you make progress.

Who is the Learning to Build workshop for?

These are real work sessions. For them to work, you need to make a couple of commitments.

If the following statements ring true, this is a workshop for you.

  • Learning is a choice. I want to think differently.
  • The five skills are not for the masses: it’s going to be hard!
  • In order to learn and make progress, I’m willing to get uncomfortable, to struggle, and to fail.
  • Challenges from others are welcome. I won’t take offence if someone challenges what I say.
  • Feedback is a way to get past my blind spots and make progress.
  • Innovators are curious. I want to learn about what I don’t know, not rely on what I know already.

Why attend Learning to Build?

This workshop will provide you with the skills to help you think and act differently. You’ll see things more clearly, understand what’s happening and why, and make better decisions. As a result, you’ll build better products and services that help people make progress in their lives.

The Learning to Build Workshop is “learning by doing”. You’ll practice the skills in real situations and get real-time feedback. You’ll get clear on your strengths and gaps and how to get better. 

When and where is it?

The current intake for Learning to Build is now full. We’ll be opening up the new dates in a few weeks. Any questions, please contact us.

What’s included?

  • Demonstrations of the five skills in action
  • Lab work to practice the skills in your work and life
  • Coaching and feedback on what’s working and what to do differently
  • Exercises to use back on the job to deliberately, and regularly, practice the skills.

What is Learning to Build about?

In Learning to Build  Bob helps readers to develop the five fundamental skills every successful innovator practices to be their best. It’s a book based on twenty years of experience, coaching entrepreneurs and having developed more than 3,500 new products.

The book itself discusses the 5 bedrock skills of innovators and entrepreneurs, including:

  • Empathetic Perspective
    People with this skill can detach from their own perspective and see the subtle differences between the many different perspectives surround their thing – internally and externally.
  • Uncovering Demand
    People with this skill can detach from their product or service and look at the demand-side of the equation- seeing struggles, context and outcomes.
  • Causal Structures
    People with this skill have a dominate view of how the world works based in cause and effect
  • Prototyping to Learn
    People with this skill know that they do not have all answers and run tests to get empirical data to discover and build new theory instead of relying on existing theory and testing hypothesis.
  • Making Trade-Offs
    People with this skill understand that they can not do everything and are skilled at making essential trade-offs to launch a product that is not perfect.